Technologies usable for the creation of clean and renewable energy are many and very effective, the efficiency of the technology applied to the conversion of natural energy like the sun, the wind or the sea, have reached unimaginable levels of efficiency up to few years ago.

Companies are specialized and are always looking overruns and technical equipment to get ever more efficient to be able to get the maximum benefit with minimum effort. We are producing solar panels and photovoltaic panels more efficient, so that they can be installed even in areas not particularly sunny, maintaining a good production of energy.

Important to understand the evolution of wind generators, which use the natural force of wind to produce electricity, but also the electric generators that exploit the power of tides and waves are much improved and we see more and more used in coastal.

These types of technologies, if properly developed and deployed, can provide large quantities of clean energy, using these natural sources that are practically inexhaustible, this would be a great benefit the environment and quality of life of future generations.