Are primary sources of non-renewable fossil fuels and uranium. The first category includes coal and hydrocarbons, the latter divided into oil and natural gas. Together the non renewable cover almost all (more precisely, 96.5%) of world consumption of energy. It is therefore of strategic resources, the control of which has affected and affects the political and economic affairs of the planet. Fossil fuels, also, because of the rapidity with which they are used, are subject to run out in a relatively short time, calculated in the complex around 150 years.

Non renewable energy

Despite this aspect, the non-renewable energy, to date, are the most used because they have the ability to produce large amounts of energy thanks to systems which do not require particularly complex technologies and are more easily transportable than other sources of energy.

From the point of view of human activities and with a secular view of the time, these resources should be considered in fixed quantity. Any withdrawal or use implies an irreversible reduction of the stock of the natural resource. The concept is very simple but not banal. Just think of the current society based for 80% on fossil fuels and depletion of oil by 2050.