Torque Limiter

Functions and applications of torque limiter

The torque limiter is a wide use device, which reduces the power developed by the torque to a maximum threshold, usually set by the user, according to the specific needs of application.

It is used in all those cases where there’s need to protect the organs from mechanical overloads, machinery or moving parts.

Solar Panels

Thermal solar panels

Thermal solar panels utilize solar energy, which is captured by a solar collector, to produce thermal power that is subsequently transferred towards an accumulator for subsequent use. Therefore it is a device with a panel, with a heat exchanger where the fluid utilized for energy transfer circulate, and with a tank in which the power is cumulated.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

The solar energy is a renewable power produced by the sun, a star around which the earth moves. The sun is the gravitational centre and the only thermal energy source of our solar system. This form of energy can be converted into both thermal and electrical power.

Wind Energy

Wind Power

Wind power exploits the kinetic energy of wind in wind turbines to generate other forms of power, especially mechanical power and electricity. It is considered one of the most used forms of renewable energies: the term wind power describes the power generated from no-fossil sources, whose use has a very significant environmental importance by assuring both minor air pollution and reduction of gas carbon emission rate. Another positive aspect related to its use is the exceptional cost/production ratio.